SotA Market ~Instructions~

Thanks for Helping with the Development of SAM!


To help understand the functions and direction of SAM, I have put together this little instruction page, this will change over the development of the tool!


I plan on having this tool completed and up to date with SotA by Official Release!


With your help, I'm sure this will be a great tool for years to come!


Please use the Report Bug to send any bugs, suggestions or missing recipes!

The Main Menu


Use this menu to access the Main Market page where you set up the base values for the raw materials in SotA!


Once market is set up you can access the Recipe Pricing Menu via this menu and start pricing recipes!


At the bottom is the minimize to game which will minimize SAM to a coin which can be placed on top of SotA in Windows Mode!

The Market Menu


This is where you set all your base values for raw materials!


These values will be used in pricing recipes, it also uses the crafting costs to adjust values to Values you set!


Only the Profit and Tool Cost Per Use is functional on this release!


No need to set SotA Directory or Name until Future Releases!

The Craft Selection Menu


Use this menu to search by the Craft Type




Use Search All Recipes to see all recipes in tool!


Use back button to return to main menu!

The Crafting Menu


Either scroll through the list or use the search bar to locate the recipe you would like to price!


Use Select to make selection


Use back to return to main crafting menu!

The Item Report


Some recipes have additional options in refined materials!


They will be in red if the can be changed!


Click on them to access Picker!


Upgrade/Save/Load not functional in this release!

Picker Menu


When you select a red refined material to change, you'll get a picker menu like the one above!


Pick the material you wish to replace with!

Once the refined material is picked, it'll turn to blue!


All Blue Refined Materials will link to there respected recipes if clicked, good for digging recipes for sub materials!


If you have any questions, please post them via the Bug Report!